4 Things Your Guitar Teacher Wants You To Know But Won’t Say

4 Things Your Guitar Teacher Wants You To Know But Won’t Say

Have you ever wondered what your child’s guitar teacher thinks while delivering a lesson? You have probably been at work yourself, and felt like you’d like to say a word or two – but maybe it would work out better if you just keep the thoughts to yourself? This post covers 4 things all guitar teachers would like you to know – but they just don’t know quite how to tell you.

I am not a miracle worker

Compare your child’s lessons to something such as going out for a nice meal. You pay your money, and you expect to have a quality meal, complete and cooked the way you asked for it. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Maybe you see where this is going – music lessons are so very different, they are not tangible. We can’t hit the strings for your child, or read the music for them.

We can offer guidance and support, and we can play large parts in the development of the guitarist – but we cannot work miracles. Only one person can in this situation – your child. How so? Through regular and consistent practice.

If you don’t think it is important, neither will your child

Can’t be bothered taking them for their lesson this week? Did your child want to go somewhere else with their friends? People cancel for all kinds of reasons and sometimes it really cannot be avoided. However, if you show your child their lessons aren’t important, they will pick up on this. Research shows kids do as their parents do, not as they say.

I don’t want to waste your money either

If a student isn’t prepared for a lesson it really does cripple the teacher. We cannot move on to new material until the previous content is mastered – this is just the nature of music – all concepts are related to each other and build upon one another. It’s like a house. If your foundations aren’t good, the whole lot will fall down sooner or later. If you haven’t worked on what is required, be prepared to do the same lesson again.

Let me know how I can help

This one isn’t so bad! Communication is key in all aspects of life, especially teaching. Don’t be afraid to tell a teacher if something isn’t working or if your child is discouraged. Teachers don’t always know so make sure to communicate regularly. Teachers don’t want kids to fail and they’re excited to hear from you.


Article written my Tom Hobson of Omni Guitar Tuition – offering guitar lessons in Rotherham as well as Barnsley and Sheffield. 

  • Mathew Townsend
    Posted at 15:44h, 20 September Reply

    Hello Tom

    This is very true Tom, this is a great article. As a drum teacher (as you know) this applies to all instruments! Luckily most pupils do practice but, practicing is essential to progress from lesson to lesson.

    I’m going to share this!



    • Tom
      Posted at 06:09h, 21 September Reply

      Thanks Matt, hope all is well in the world of drums!

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