If you or your child is thinking about taking guitar lessons you can check out this list of frequently asked questions, they might be useful!
If you still have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What are your prices?

Prices may vary slightly depending on your specific needs.
My flat rate is £33 per hour, or £16.50 for 30 minutes. 

Where are you based? Do you travel to me?

I am based in Brecks, Rotherham. I no longer offer home visits, simply because I lose too much time travelling between locations. All lessons now take place at my home, in Brecks, Rotherham.

Can I take my grades with you?

Yes. I can take you from grades 1-8 on your electric or acoustic guitar. There are several different syllabi available, the most popular being Rockschool and RGT. Classical grades can be studied using the ABRSM or Trinity College texts – whatever your goals, I can certainly help you toward them.

Can you teach me to read music?

Yes. Many guitarists these days are unable to read music – it’s a skill that takes time to develop, and nowadays there are several quicker methods that make it easy to pick up a guitar and learn to play without reading traditional notation. I like to teach using standard notation whenever I can – it’s an invaluable skill if you are serious about becoming a professional musician later on, and it is certainly only a minority of guitarists who can read music – you’ll stand out straight away!

I have no idea what guitar I need - help

I am always happy to advise on makes and models. I’m only a phone call or email away, so any questions, no matter how small you may feel they are, just ask me! Everyone is new to guitar at some point and getting the right guitar for your needs is a good place to start.

Can you teach me to play bass?

Absolutely – you can study bass guitar with me up to grade 8, as well as Ukulele too!

Do you teach mature students?

Yes, I teach absolutely anyone. The youngest age to begin is usually around 7 – any younger and hands tend not to reach or be strong enough. I already have students right up to the age of 70. The ability gap between these ages is wide, so no matter what sort of previous knowledge you have, I can take you to the next step.

How can I pay?

You can book your lessons by emailing or calling me – all the information is on the contact page. You can pay on the day, via direct debit, or even by PayPal. Whatever suits you.